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Let’s demystify the mystical art of bespoke picture framing – step by step

How do you get something framed?

Our gift to you are a series of blogs intended to demystify picture framing. 

When you walk into our custom framing shop and gallery we want you to feel comfortable, so set aside 30 minutes or more for the consultation.

After all, you may have your finished work on the wall for a lifetime and a little time now is well spent. Finer Frames has a great design, conservation and picture hanging team with years of experience and plenty of knowledge we would like to share with you.  

We are here to help

If you are feeling a little apprehensive because you have never had anything framed and don't quite know how to achieve the look that you want, it is OK, we are here to help.

Professional framers aim to make your piece look its very best whilst working hard in the background finding the best way to preserve your art for as long as possible using conservation grade materials and techniques. 

Custom framing means the photo of your relative, the limited-edition print, poster, jersey, medals, fine art or canvas will be protected from the many things that can damage it in the environment and be beautifully displayed.

A bewildering array of choices?

If framing is new to you, you may not know that there are a huge amount of choices that can be made. Custom framing is just that, individualised and designed just for that one special thing you have sitting on your table (or under the bed ). Coming into the store you are often faced with walls of coloured picture frame samples and stacks of coloured cardboard corner samples and even many types of glass or acrylics. You may not be familiar with the terminology we use, but don't worry all will be revealed in our blogs and we will take time to step you through it during the consultation in store.

What next?

You can call us and request a quote over the phone and we can certainly give you an indication of a price, but we have to measure up and make an unseen choice of frames and mats for you. There are literally hundreds of choices and it is often easier to come in and talk with us.

Having said that, we are in a regional area and we have done many a consultation via Whatsapp, sms or email. If you are from a more remote area and have limited time in town, drop your piece in to us, or give us a call, we will contact you with options.

Come on in, how can we help you today?

Every piece will end up here on the design table, let us get that tightly rolled poster out of its cardboard tube for you and we will weigh down the corners so we can all have a good look.

Each piece has a backstory and apart from being very interesting for us it also helps us assess your needs.

Questions can be similar to

  • “What did you envisage the final piece to look like?”
  • “Where are you hanging this?”
  • “What colour are your walls?"

Some people are not sure and just need us to make suggestions and some people want to match existing frames or their interior design colours. Others want completely individualised looks and yet others want a “grease and oil change” or just repairs.

While you are telling us your needs we measure the size, assess the medium of the artwork ie an original pencil drawing, a pastel, an oil painting, a print, photo or jersey and even the type of canvas.

We have framed everything and the kitchen sink (no really a sink!) and we will come up for a cool solution for that collection of rabbit traps you have made.

We also look at the main colours and textures, and if is there any damage that may need some TLC.

Using all of the information gathered, we can give you as many options of mats, mouldings and glass as you need to find your perfect look.

With a little trust in your Framer's know-how and armed with your new found knowledge, your treasured piece is now on its journey.

At FFG, the picture frame moulding samples and mat samples are there for you to touch and play with as well. 

If you are unsure whether that moulding matches your colours, take it home have a look in your space, you don't have to choose if your are unsure, especially if you are trying to achieve the look that you saw on TV or in that magazine.

If you are happy with your choice, we ask for contact details and a deposit and we store your artwork or memorabilia safely until it is time to work on your item.

Turn Around Time

The process of framing can take an hour to four weeks or more depending on the complexity and the availability of some materials from our suppliers. If it is just a mat you need cut we can usually do this on our Computerized Mat Cutter within a few minutes. But generally, the framing process takes 10 days to 15 working days. A table cloth we framed took months: 360m of invisible thread later and now an heirloom is created.

We can spend hours working out how to suspend or attach some pieces and some collectors items we have to work out how to display them without any attachments.

We know about forgetting that birthday present or that the friend who gave you the painting last year is about to turn up on the doorstep and you don't have it up on the wall yet. We really try hard to fit the last minute jobs in the queue, it is not always possible but we give it a red hot go.

We then order the frames and mats and when they arrive we cut everything to size and assemble the components to make your unique piece. You are more than welcome to come into the workshop and see how and where everything is done.

See you soon from your Finer Framers Jac, Roger, Leanne, Danny and Milinda.