Craftsmanship of Custom Framing to Last a Lifetime

We always provide you with the best advice we can and give you the best quality products for your needs and budget.

Craftsmanship in framing relies on skilled framers, good design and quality components. An artwork when expertly framed is protected from chemical and physical damage by the creation of a microclimate within the frame.  A quality frame moulding, archival quality mats, tapes, backing, and UV-filtering glass all work together to protect your prized piece. We use stainless steel wires,  and archival quality tapes and glues.

Framing is an investment to preserve an irreplaceable artwork for decades to come.  Pieces can be damaged by environmental hazards: light, pollutants, insects and moisture can interact and conspire to reduce the life of your masterpiece .  The more informed you are about these hazards, the more you know what to ask for.