The Importance of Using Quality Hanging Hardware

Artworks, including memorabilia and priceless heirlooms, can be accidentally damaged due to poor storage and handling, but also due to the failure of hanging hardware.

We use quality stainless steel coated wires. We use wire gauges appropriate for different weight frames. D rings are screwed into the frames and the wire is attached in a particular way that ensures it does not slip.

A note on string, nylon cord and fishing line stapled to the frame.

We have all done it, bought a discount frame on a whim and put your certificate or photo inside as best you can. In a few years or less the nylon cord disintegrates and your art lands on the floor with a crash. The frame is weakened and luckily this time the glass did not break! You quickly replace the cord with a bit of fishing line and again the line breaks near the hook and your piece lands on the floor breaking the frame and the glass and scratching your piece. We can help with that, by reframing and replacing that glass and fishing line.

We can sell you stainless steel wire packages and show you the best place and way to attach these to a frame. 

We always use a dust jackets or tape at the back of your frame to stop pollutants and pests from getting in the frame. 

The bumpers attached on the back of your frame not only keep the frame away from the wall to prevent scratching, they allow for air circulation behind reducing the chances of mould growth.