Conservation, Restoration and Repair

We can help you fall in love your piece all over again and you won't have to hide it under the bed or in your cupboard.

Consider a tune up. The problem might be as simple as mending a broken frame or cutting new glass.

We can deframe your piece and give it a good clean and a new mat and even a new frame if you want an updated style.

Using quality archival standard products and skills acquired over decades, we can often repair a tear in a canvas or watercolour, disguise a scratch or a ding or minimise a deep fold.

Sometimes paintings hung over a fireplace and are dirty and discoloured and need a good clean. Sometimes water has got into a frame and the mat is discoloured and mouldy.

We can fix most of these things at least to as point that they are not immediately noticeable.

However, our approach to framing is more conservation than restoration. We believe where possible prevention is better than cure. We endeavour to use archival products where budget permits and we can give you advice on how to store art safely and how to hang art safely. Were possible we aim to make our framing reversible incase of accidental damage. There is nothing more frustrating than finding your favourite team jersey has been glued to that damaged mat and you will have to live with the problem forever or risk damaging your team's signed shirt.

Cleaning is not a reversible process and sometimes controversial. Some fear that cleaning will damage a piece and that accumulated layers of dirt and grime are part of its' history. The process of cleaning and fixing a piece can take months depending on the damage involved. We will refer you to another conservateur if the damage is too great or the medium is unstable and requires a skill we don't have.

A word on sticky tape, masking tape and blue tac.... don't. If masking tape and sticky tape or blue tac has been left too long it is impossible to remove the stain left behind after the plastic carrier and adhesive has been removed. It is always better to leave a page torn than to repair it with sticky tape. Place the pieces in a plastic sleeve until you can get them expertly repaired.

Don't despair if your favourite piece has been knocked about, we may be able to help.