Hanging Solutions

When you want to change the position if your pictures in your home or add another, do you reluctantly nail another hole on your wall and hope no-one sees the old ones?

We can help you with all your hanging needs from gallery style tracking to a simple picture hook. Please ask us about hanging solutions when you pick up your framing.

Are you a landlord? or run a retirement village? Do you have a policy for hanging pictures, paintings and mirrors? Is this policy related to the ongoing maintenance and “make-good” to a room or unit when you have a change in residency?

There is a solution that will enable you or your residents to quickly feel more at home by being surrounded by their much loved family pictures and paintings and at the same time minimising maintenance required by you or your organisation. We sell the Arti-Teq system which makes hanging pictures safer and easier and gives you ultimate flexibility. We can also install as needed

A “display system” is also available, perfect for ever changing pictures and information, for example real estate agents, sporting groups or community centres. Talk to us about your requirements.

Are you a school teacher or Principal?  You will love the info rail. It is an ideal tool that will suspend all types of posters and pictures. No more pins, blue tac or sticky tape! The 3-fold gripping system guarantees a firm suspension of documents from quite thin drawing paper to 2mm cardboard. Info Rail is available in a clean white finish, and easy to install using the Click & Connect system.

Please feel free to call into our gallery to view how we utilise the Click and Connect system picture hanging system and discuss your needs.