Professional Hanging Services

So now you have your amazing framed piece. You might know where you want to hang it, but not how to hang it safely.

We have a professional “hanger of all things” on our staff. Those larger pieces may pose a bit of a challenge, especially if you think you are not “handy” around the house. Sometimes it is just not possible for you to hang your picture. We are here to help, just ask for our hanging service.

It is risky to use the wrong hook, especially if your picture has sentimental, historic or even just financial value. The stick on hook (or nylon cord) could fail and dump your item on the floor with expensive consequences. We can offer advice on hanging your pieces safely, especially if you are worried that the hook you just nailed into the wall is correct for the weight of that heavy mirror. We have a selection of wall hooks available, appropriate for your picture frame and your wall type.


If you are worried about constantly banging new holes in your wall, patching and painting or using those dubious stick on hooks, have a look at our gallery track systems that offer you ultimate flexibility. Once the tracking is up you can change your art or your mind as often as you like with absolutely no consequences.

Benefits of Using a Gallery-style Hanging Solution

Picture rail solutions are not just for museums and galleries. Interior decorators dream of these systems. It is an ideal solution for rental properties, office spaces, restaurants, exhibition spaces and schools.

  • The hanging system offers you complete flexibility to move everything around or add to your collection whenever you want whilst saving you repair and maintenance costs.
  • ArtiTeq hanging solutions have a minimal profile and can hold up to up to 50 kgs per metre (depending on your track choice). This system allows you to hang large heavy pieces that would normally require quite a lot of “engineering” to be hung safely.
  • Arti Teq tracking is available in anodized white, brushed aluminium, or white primer that can be painted to fit any décor and can be cut to fit any sized wall.

We sell kits which include everything  you need to get started. The click and connect fittings are placed about every 40cm along the rail, and the rail just clicks on. All instructions are included, but if you are unsure we can offer extra directions or provide you with a professional installation service.

Bring in a house plan or a mud map of your home and we can help you design a solution for your entire location.

Once your system is in we have all accessories from the transparent perlon wires, the stainless hanging wires and different types of hooks that are designed for the huge mirror to the smallest picture.

If you have older style picture rails we have a modern take on this traditional system. Our loop and  hook system is perfect.

For schools and the young family the info rail system is perfect. You can swap out that next prized artwork and your children and family get to see their picture of mum and dad in their own little gallery at home all without that sticky ball of tack, tape, drawing pins and yet more maintenance cost.