Create A Gallery Wall At Home

A home gallery wall it such great way to put all of your family photos, art and memorabilia. Instead of being hidden away in the hard drive or in an old photo album, a gallery wall means you can relive your happiest memories and be close to those you hold dearest whenever you want to pause and look. If you have an existing set of photos and mismatched frames scattered around the house consider bringing them together in a cohesive look. 

Home gallery walls or picture walls look fantastic in a hallway or family room, where there is often "dead" wall space.  Whether they are all matched frames or an “eclectic bunch” they need to be designed and laid out for the maximum impact and use of wall space. This can seem a bit daunting to achieve by yourself, but with a little help, the look that you have been dreaming of can be a reality. Bring us your ideas and we can prepare a lay-out for you.  If you like the design, we can frame and hang your photos  and you will have a decorative feature in your home that you can add to for years to come.

There are many DIY solutions available and you can buy frame packages online. We caution you against using plastic products that can damage irreplaceable family history photos. It is possible to reprint from digital copies but if you lose your only backup the only print is on the wall, yellowing because of poor quality framing materials. 

We have a DIY packages available that are of a quality that you can rely on for years to come.